Rules of The United Bull Breed Registry

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Rules of The United Bull Breed Registry

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The United Bull Breed Registry was formed as a kennel club and archive registry, for the recording and advancement of pure bred dogs. The UBBR has set out forthwith the rules and regulations prescribing to this organisation, which must be adhered to for any show which is run, sanctioned or associated with the UBBR.
The definition of shows is understood to mean ‘the quality, conformation, breed type, show ring craft, handler ability, and adherence to breed standard’, as adopted by, or laid out by the UBBR. A UBBR sanctioned show, by definition, is a show at which championship points may be awarded to entrants.
General Show Rules:
. All show entrants must be registered with the UBBR to gain points towards championship titles. Dogs which are entered, but are not registered with UBBR, will be awarded points in standing until such time as the dog(s) is registered with UBBR.
. Full registration with pedigree for UBBR is €20, payable through PayPal or by bank transfer.
. Dog show class age groups are as follow:
• 3 – 6 months pup
• 6 – 12 months Junior dog
• 1 -2 year adult dog
• 2 – 4 year adult dog
• 4 + year senior/veteran adult dog
. Points awarded for the show are as follows:
• 1st place class winner is awarded 15 points
• 2nd place dog is awarded 10 points
• 3rd place dog is awarded 5 points
• Best of Breed for sex is awarded a further 10 points
• Best In Breed is awarded a further 10 points
The maximum number of points awarded at a UBBR show is 35 points.
. To become a Bench Champion a dog must earn 100 points and 2 Best Male or Female of Show (Minor wins), or 1 Best In Breed (Major Wins).
. To become a Grand Champion a dog must have 5 wins as a Bench Champion.
To become a Supreme Grand Champion a dog must have 5 wins as a Grand Champion.
. All show results and points will be posted on the UBBR website within one calendar month of the event.
. All UBBR shows are pre-entry shows, and dogs must be entered by the closing date prescribed to the show, normally 1 calendar month before the event. Each entrant must complete the show form and return it to the show organisers before the closing date, with the accompanying fee, payable through PayPal or by bank transfer.
. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to have their dogs present in the appropriate ring at the time of judging. Late entrants will not be judged, and will forfeit their registration fee.
. Only intact dogs may be shown in a UBBR show. An exemption applies to this rule where the spayed/neutered dog has gained their championship title before spaying/neutering. These dogs are eligible to compete in the senior/veteran class where their age allows.
. The UBBR will only register dogs for 5 generation pedigrees with valid pedigree registration papers, or a known purebred pedigree. The decision to register dogs with the UBBR is the sole responsibility of the UBBR committee.
. An application to register with the UBBR may be declined without giving any reason for so doing, and cancellation or alteration may also apply to any affected registrations
. The UBBR does accept single registration dogs, and awards single registrations to dogs without pedigrees. Single registration dogs have the option of competing in either the performance or classic classes, with no crossover between classes
. UBBR registration holders may register entire litters at a reduced cost of €30 for puppies up to three months of age. This entitles new puppy owners to temporary papers which they may advance to full registration papers at a cost of €10.
. All general queries can be addressed in writing through the organisations e mail address:
General behaviour at shows:
. The UBBR reserve the right to refuse registration or admission to shows which they run or sanction.
. Entrants are solely responsible for their dogs at shows
. All dogs must be kept on a short leash and under control
. No persons under 16 years of age may show a dog without being accompanied by an adult who is in control of the dog
. Judges may ask entrants to leave the ring if they deem dog to be aggressive, dangerous or not under control
. All dog owners are expected to pick up their dogs litter. Anyone found not picking up after their dog will be asked to leave the venue
. Spectators may not stand ringside with their dogs if they are not competing. Only dogs which are competing should be in the vicinity of the show ring

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