Registering Your Litters with The UBBR

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Registering Your Litters with The UBBR

Post by Admin on Sat May 30, 2015 3:08 pm

Register your Litter:
To register your new litter with the United Bull breed registry please copy the profile info below and paste in an email along with the filled inn information and email to
If the sire of your pups is not already registered with The UBBR please include there names and leave there reg number blank, however you will need to include a five generation pedigree for the sire of your pups in your email.

The cost of registering your dog is 25euro, this includes a registration cert for each pup in the litter, which the new owner in turn can return tho the UBBR and change there new pup into there own name. Payments can be made to our paypal account please include a small note to let us know your Pups dams registration number as a referance.

Profile info, Please copy and return by email to along with your paypal transaction ID receipt.

Dams reg number:

Sires name:   Reg number:

Number of pups:

Number of Dogs:

Number of Bitches:

Male 1 name:                                          Female 1 name:

Male 2 name:                                          Female 2 name:

Male 3 name:                                          Female 3 name:

Male 4 name:                                          Female 4 name:

Male 5 name:                                          Female 5 name:

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